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Community and Advocacy

– Pike Place Market Foundation –

The Pike Place Market Foundation has worked hard for the past 38 years to provide sustainable community support to their neighbors. Projects undertaken around the Pike Place Market area include a daycare with sliding-scale tuition, a senior citizen home which encourages social engagement, a food access program which encourages eating wholesome foods, and financial support to small business; made even more important due to COVID-19 related setbacks.

Always Greener believes in nurturing the spirit of community, be it in Redmond or across the lake, everyone is our neighbor. We have made it a point to show our support to the Pike Place Market Foundation by donating a bronze hoof.

We encourage the community at large to help us make an impact to Pike’s Place Market and the greater Seattle area as a whole.

– The Cannabis Alliance –

We are proud to be apart of The Cannabis Alliance, the largest industry association with almost 300 members across Seattle. The Cannabis Alliance strives to deconstruct misconceptions as a result of the war on drugs. Through education, promoting a sustainable infrastructure and supporting local businesses, they have helped to release thousands of cannabis convictions, as well as working with the state legislature to change the culture of fines to a culture of education by helping businesses stay compliant.

National Cannabis Industry Association

We are members of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the oldest and biggest trade association in the country. The NCIA represents hundreds of legal cannabis businesses in their continued efforts to fight to sustain state laws, advance federal policy reforms, and provide a unified effort to increase business freedoms – without fear of erroneous laws or overly strict restrictions.

Always Greener chooses to fight along with our fellow cannabis businesses to sustain the growth of this powerful and amazing industry.

We Are NCIA Proud.